Problem worth solving

There exists no interactive avatar technology utilizing icon celebrities, enabling businesses to leverage a unique branding opportunity by the use of interactive celebrity avatars.

Agora Brands Group has secured IP licensing agreements to use many famous icons, giving businesses and influencers the ablity to give their audience the ultimate customer experience.  

Target market
  1. Celebrity/Influencer ($6.5b, 30% growth)
  2. TV/Movie Media ($64.9b, 3.6% growth)
  3. Comm. Advertising ($240b, 2,5% growth)
  4. Social Platforms ($10b, 80% growth)
  5. Hospitality ($147b, 4.6% growth)
Our solutions
  1. Utilizes Deep Learning Methods
  2. Fast Track and Speed Movement Seamlessly
  3. Tracking body movements interactively
  4. Perform analyzation imageries
  5. Compatible with mobile devices any on OS

 Launch the most Futuristic and Artistic AI Avatar Technology
using Celebrity Icons for Digital Interaction.

Project Funds Sought


Social Media


Printed Documents

Pay Per Click (PPC)

How Our Solution is Better

Only Agora provides Interactive Avatars

Ability to intelligently interact

Provides more information dynamically

Annual subscription premium


Sales channels

Target 1% of ~$468.4b market in 5 selective industries in Celebrity/Inuencer, TV Movie/Media Corps., Commercial Advertising, Digital Social Platforms, and Hospitality Markets.
        Marketing activities
Agora plans to use inbound marketing strategies for our pre-launch and launch with a viral PR campaign.
We leverage our own networks, strategic partners, industry experts & influential media to build our brand awareness and loyalty.


Welcome to Agora Brands Group, a company that has set out to transform the interaction between people and technology.  We will achieve our vision through the development of Artificial Intelligent (AI) Interactive Avatars.  At Agora Brands Group an avatar is technology that looks like a person, moves like a person, talks with you, listens to you, sees what you are doing, understands what you are saying and offers help and advice within a customer service setting.  Our avatars are highly artistic and personable creations. 

Do you wish to join us in this journey to establish and grow Agora Brands Group?  If you are a sophisticated, knowledgeable investor (otherwise known as an accredited investor) who shares our vision of technology we would be happy to speak with you.  There are many ways individuals can help support the early stage development of our company.  The attached Executive Summary provides more information about Agora Brands Group, its management team, technologies, markets and opportunities.


-Celebrity icons: market entry and growing an intellectual property portfolio of celebrities
- Deathcare: market entry and development of avatars specific to this industry
- Real estate: market entry and creation of a virtual realtor assistant avatar
- Kiosk market: market entry, development of prototypes for various industries and customer acquisition
- Intellectual property: further development of legal protections to Agora’s technologies and processes
- Avatar development and design: creation of Agora’s avatar software development kit​

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Agora Brands Group, Inc.
3401 Mallory Lane – Franklin TN, 37067